Let us help you find the perfect fragrance to suit you and your space. 


Coconut + Fig // Fresh Oriental // Delicate

A warm and calming fragrance with notes of coconut, sandalwood, and fig topped off with a hint of almond milk and violet leaf.


Blackberry + Vanilla //  Fresh Floral // Moderate Body

A warm and indulgent fragrance starting with a base note of creamy vanilla followed by white floral notes and topped off with rich notes of fresh blackberries and Japanese medlar


Black Orchid // Oriental // Full Bodied

A rich fragrance with a creamy vanilla base followed by notes of orchid and violet then finally topped off with cinnamon and berries. YUM!


Cassis + White Fig // Fresh // Moderate Body

Soft sandalwood creates the base for white florals and clove bud. this is followed with top notes of cassis and black fig creating a wild and bright fragrance. 


Cedar + Sandalwood // Woody // Full Bodied

Rich Indian sandalwood has been carefully blended with cedar, amber and cashmere then topped with lime and bergamot for an indulgent fragrance.


Delicate // Ideal for smaller cozy spaces. eg, a bedroom

Moderate Body // Ideal for medium sized rooms. eg, a bedroom or a lounge 

Full Bodied // Ideal to fill a large space. eg, open plan home, large living area.