A bit about me


Hi Team

I'm Gem, 27, working out of my studio in the leafy Auckland suburb of Mt Albert..

ORE was born in 2017 through my desire to create ethical, beautiful things to make peoples everyday a little bit more beautiful and treasured. 

Driven by a love of interior design I wanted to create a product that not only aesthetically complemented a space but also added to it on a sensory level, evoking feelings and emotions, old and new. 
So came our 5 piece squish candle collection and the growth of the ORE we know and love today. 

It has always been important to me to create consciously minded products, It is for this reason I develop my curated fragrance collections, hand-pour each candle and am as eco - friendly as possible using eco-soy and recyclable jars. 

Thanks for stopping by reading a little about us,